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Aircraft Lighting International understands that every aircraft is unique, and that means attention to detail is paramount. That why we make custom heat molded LED lamps to eliminate hot-spots and provide uniform accent lighting. Check out the Curved lamps in the Gallery and Lavs in the gallery above.

Toe-Kick lighting is something we specialize in as well. We use our polycarbonate tubes to ensure there are enough diodes to provide clean light, without spots and also to protect the system when you kick it.

Got a unique project, call us up! ALI has made all sorts of one of a kind LED products like the custom RGBW control panel for Veterans Airlift Command’s “Millennium Phenom”.

Don’t forget our Regional-Airline work. ALI has been working closely with various Regionals whether they’re upgrading an existing fluorescent system or creating brand new modernized models for airline travel, ALI has the LED products to get you there.

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