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ALI’s PMA Certified 28VDC LED lamp system is a self-ballasted LED system that replaces
Fluorescent lamps (AL-12YY-T-XXXX or N12YYXXXX) and bypasses ballasts (AL-2000 or AL-2004),
operating directly on the ship’s 28VDC power. This LED system consists of one or more LED lamps
and one adapter (40060) and requires no rewiring.

Benefits include:
Over 60,000 hours of life
Greater light output
Reduced current draw
No risk of high voltage arcing
Durable polycarbonate housing eliminates glass
Contains no dangerous chemicals
Keep your existing controllers
Emits virtually no heat

This 28VDC LED system is available in Cool White and Warm White Color Temperatures.
Also available in 8mm diameter LED lamps designed explicitly for Falcon Jets.
And custom curves also available. See SPECIAL LAMPS.

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