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Do you want to install our products on an EASA registered aircraft?

Aircraft Lighting International works in close partnership with QCM Design and ALAMO Engineering for the EASA Certification of our products.

Our partners are EASA Approved Part 21 DOA, entitled to design and certify Minor and Major Changes (STC) on aircrafts and helicopters. Having this privilege and capability gives our partners the utmost flexibility to find the best solutions to your individual requests.

The engineering and certification team from our partners have certified the installation of Aircraft Lighting International products on a wide range of aircraft, including Bombardier Global Express, Challenger 604, and Challenger 850 models. Working together since 2015, our partners’ design engineers are trained and familiar with our range of products (LED lamps, power supplies, LED bulbs, etc.), and have qualified and certified our equipment under EASA CS regulations.

Contact the our partners’ design team directly for any certification and engineering requests on your aircraft or helicopter.

EASA Engineering/Certification Partner

EASA Engineering/Certification Partner

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