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Since 1998, Aircraft Lighting International (ALI) has been providing state-of-the-art, safety-certified aircraft interior lighting systems. We strive to meet the needs of our customers and aim to continue to be the innovative leader in aviation lighting. We continuously have a number of new products in the pipeline.

ALI carries in stock a full array of 12mm Replacement Fluorescent Lamps. But for customers who are considering converting their existing fluorescent lamps to LED lamps without the hassle of downtime or significant cost, ALI has the solution!

ALI’s Replacement LED Lamps are 100% interchangeable with the existing 12 mm series Fluorescent Lamps and require no rewiring, no new lamp holders, no new connectors, no new dimmers, and no new controllers! These innovative and fully dimmable LED replacement lamps make the conversion from fluorescent to LED easy and economical.

ALI also carries the latest 28V DC LED Lamp Kit which incorporates the LED Lamp and Ballast as one unit. Again, easy installation, fully dimmable capability, customizable lengths, and customizable colors are some of its many advantages.

Requiring absolutely no change or modification to the reading light fixtures, ALI’s latest innovative product is the replacement LED Reading Light Bulb, which emits little to no heat. These LED Reading Light Bulbs replace 28V DC/AC halogen/incandescent miniature lamps. Again, ease of installation makes it a desirable replacement product.

Give us the opportunity to meet your lighting needs! Most of ALI’s products are in stock and can be delivered the next day.

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