Direct Replacement LED Lamps

ALI’s Replacement LED Lamps are 100% interchangeable with the existing ALI and/or B/E Aerospace Fluorescent Lamps. Requiring no rewiring, no new lamp holders, no new connectors, no new dimmers and no new controllers, these innovative and fully dimmable LED replacement lamps afford an economical and easy way to update any aircraft.

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Downtime and cost are major concerns when considering a conversion, but ALI’s replacement LED lamps eliminate those issues. Ease of installation is another special feature of these LED Replacement Lamps.

“You can’t imagine how easy it is to change out the lights” remarked one of the many ALI customers. “Literally, one takes out the old fluorescent lamps and puts back on the existing lamp holders the new LED lamps and you are done.”

Call the sales department at 631 474 2254 or email to order now.

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